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With Eager Beaver Stump Grinding in Douglas, MA, we provide the professional stump grinding service you can count on to always gets the job done right. Please keep in mind that we do not cut trees or remove brush but if you would like to inquire about stump grinding please call 508-341-7476 today to learn more about our available services:

* Residential Stump Grinding Service
* Commercial Stump Grinding Service
* Chip Removal

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To provide high quality service in a timely manner with honesty and integrity.

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Stump Grinding Douglas MA

Hello, my name is Al Stearns and I am the owner/operator of Eager Beaver Stump Grinding. If you have stumps in your yard and you are interested in having them removed, grinding or cutting them is the way to go. You could dig, but its expensive and you would be left with a big hole which needs filling and a stump-ball someone has to do something with. With little or no impact to your lawn or surrounding area, I can grind out a stump for a fraction of the cost of digging!

Depending on the level of service you desire we can provide the following services:

· “Grind & Go”
· Clean the site by raking the chips back into the hole
· Take all or some of the chips away with us

My stump grinder is a reliable, self-propelled unit. This means I don’t have to back a truck over your lawn to approach the work area. Rather, I simply walk beside the unit when making my approach. Most importantly, it also means there will be very little, if any, lawn damage. My machine is big enough to handle any size stump but small enough to fit thru a standard fence/gate opening, which means there is hardly a stump I can’t get to. I would be more than happy to discuss the level of service you desire, as well as the process of grinding the stump(s) you have when providing your quote.

Call Eager Beaver Stump Grinding in Douglas, MA at 508-341-7476 to get your free quote today!

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Stump Grinding Douglas MA

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